It is a call for the active participation of communities that have, for too long, been largely dismissed in policy discussions that directly affect their health and well-being. It demands eliminating and replacing incentives in our justice system that reward arrests and overzealous prosecutions.
— Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race & Justice, Harvard Law School

What is community justice?

For the organizers of the Community Justice Film Series, the answer is in the name. Community justice is a democratic process where those most affected by the policies and laws governing our bodies, our families, and our communities are at the decision-making center. For us, we see community justice through the lens of six buckets: Education, Whole Body + Well-Being, Public Safety, Housing, Transportation, and Job Creation + Wealth-Building.

Community Justice is about involving the community in what makes a just system. It's about meeting the needs of the people with their input. It's about pushing down racism, classism, and sexism and elevating our common humanity toward collective liberation. 

To learn more about each theme, click on the following links to visit our resource pages that include information on each film screening as well as organizations and research addressing the topic:







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