RTD Op-Ed by Adrienne Cole Johnson, Heather Crislip, Lillie A. Estes, and Alex Wagaman

For some people in the greater Richmond community, choosing where you live is about location, asset-building, property values, and school districts. There is a quiet luxury of choosing safety and using housing as a way to leverage resources and develop wealth.

However, there are many Richmond residents who are subjected to unjust housing laws and practices — even while working hard to create a different reality for their families.

Sadly, unjust practices are nothing new, as the Richmond region has long suffered from the repercussions of its past.

Beginning in the 1930s, federal housing policy promoted segregation through incentivizing the growth of white, middle-class suburban areas.

Entire neighborhoods were denied credit — or red-lined as the act came to be known due to the red line that realtors, insurance agents, and mortgage lenders would draw around African American neighborhoods.

In essence, a dual track housing policy greatly influenced the current state of our region today.