AS WE MOVE into rounding out these last two #CommunityJustice Film Series Screenings, I thought that I would take some take to reflect in writing. THE GOAL has always been about enlarging the numbers of community member participation, engagement if you will of what governing actually becomes with that participation. The buzz of what we can and must do is resonating BUT WE CAN DO MORE AND WE MUST DO MORE.

#CommunityJustice, the way I see it is collectively co-visioning and co-creating community power, an “incubator for action” as one of my community children coined for us. The community must resume its rightful place in the establishment and or re-establishment of how our communities grow.


Collective Co-Creating is an acquired skill. The learning is born from many false starts and failed attempts but we get up and we improve from the learning.

TODAY we gather to forward think through AND to solutions addressing the transportation aspect of #CommunityJustice. JOIN US at 2:30PM in the United Steel Workers of America Local 400’s Union Hall, 184 E. Belt Blvd RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE GRTC HEADQUARTERS…. LITERALLY.

The plan is to focus on how more community members step into embodying what collective co-visioning and co-creating solutions that work in real time for what the empowerment of community members becomes.

When the idea to commit to developing this community engagement model began, capturing in real time the input of the community while honoring a  newly created standard of operation that builds and rebuilds community power so community members can become engaged and remain engaged was and still is a major concern. What has emerged are some profound community led structural standards that I hope will continue to [re]set our forever evolving community member participation.

THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF #CommunityJustice IS THE ACTUAL PARTICIPATION OF MORE AND MORE COMMUNITY MEMBERS. IT IS JUST THAT SIMPLE. AND AGAIN, the challenge is in the how we remain engaged and effective in establishing this consistent community collective co-visioning and co-creating. We’ve got to own it and use it to the greater good. I’m excited for your.our future participation in the coming hours, days, weeks, months, years and decades (I believe I have a few more decades in my spirit).

Let me pivot right here. MORE COMMUNITY MEMBER PARTICIPATION DOES NOT need to become and or remain a contest of wills. It is our right and it is our duty to remain active community members. #CommunityJustice is about inclusion in every aspect of that embodiment and as such we intend to teach each other and support each other in this evolving participation.

We are two years, actually three years old. Our preliminary planning began in the Fall of 2014 and here we are today in 2017 having accomplished a pre-launch, kickoff reception launch and four film screenings. After today our last screening takes place on February 17, 2018 with the theme of JobCreation WealthBuilding. We look forward to post screening community work around actions such as our roll out of our #CommunityJustice Resource Fairs, a more specific community dialogue process_UNNAMED at present, a convocation, a #CommunityJustice Conference and just regular community member participation in the happenings of what operates this city and region we all love because we are justice within our communities. “We Are Justice” IS ALSO the title of this blog, our blog page, provided by another one of our community members and WE INVITE YOU to cyber travel here when the urge is before you. BE INSPIRED TO BECOME COMMUNITY WHEREVER YOU ARE !!!