As we gear up for our November 12th event on Transportation, we note that Richmond residents are currently immersed in a struggle that touches on issues central to the work of our film series: housing, public safety, and transportation. 

On Sept 12th City leaders held a meeting to address increased violence in Richmond’s public housing. While the topic of this meeting was public safety, the public was not invited. While the community discussed was residents of public housing, those residents have not been included in generating solutions. Despite the city’s attempt to disenfranchise those who most need to be at the table, members of our team were present and demanded a voice. You can see footage of that meeting here.

While residents of public housing in Richmond are not only disproportionately impacted by violence, but also by low access to viable transportation, the proposed solutions of our city government are to further imperil the access of RRHA residents to what transportation they currently have. Richmond city mayor Levar Stoney, along with our police chief Alfred Durham, have proposed to address violence in public housing through the implementation of a parking decal system. 

The Community Justice Film Series has a large planning team, and an even larger community of individuals across the city who care about education, safety, housing, transportation, health, and wealth-building. We come together as a community during our free time because we are engaged, inspired, and knowledgable. We know what works, and we expect just treatment from our public officials. 

Parking decals will have no impact on gun violence in our neighborhoods. It will, however, mean increased revenue for towing companies and increased costs for already financially-strapped individuals and families. The choice to implement this program was made without input from the community and without regard for outcomes. 

Across Richmond, residents are organizing against this directive, speaking out against further economic disenfranchisement of our poorest residents and speaking in favor of the solutions we know will work: just treatment in our schools, from our police, in our homes, in our access to transportation, with regard to our health, and in our ability to access living-wage jobs. 

Please join us at the upcoming RRHA meeting on October 18th, at 901 Chamberlayne Parkway at 5:30pm. Support your community and make your voice heard.